Shift Panic into Purpose may be isolated, but you're not alone....

Back In February, you could give hugs & high-fives...

But now, maybe it feels absolutely crazy, frightening & eerily similar to that (zombie) apocalypse you kept joking about before....

To protect yourself & your loved ones, you're doing your best to follow physical distancing / social distancing & isolation guidelines.

Whether you're home alone, stuck with 5 kids & a grumpy partner (whom you love!), or if you're one of our incredible healthcare workers putting yourselves on the frontline everyday (thank you!)...

Perhaps it just feels overwhelming, and all this crazy stress, anxiety, fear, sadness & loneliness just can't be Netflix-ed  away......I get how tough this is, even if your context is specific to you...

That's why I've decided to offer you THREE online counselling (or coaching) sessions for pro-bono (free), or by donation.*

If you're an ESSENTIAL or HEALTHCARE Worker*, I'm glad to offer you FIVE online counselling/coaching sessions pro-bono or by donation. 

Keep Scrolling to find out more.

Picture of quarantine lab tech in mask and body cover interviewing a woman in mask

*All donated proceeds will support charities providing critical healthcare in response to covid-19.

**Essential workers include: Grocery store staff, those keeping my lights & Internet on, those serving the homeless or other vulnerable populations, & more (ask me).

Healthcare workers: Doctors, nurses, medical researchers, lab techs, hospital staff & those on the frontlines we cheer daily.


for Free or by Donation, Work with us to...

Make sense of your fear & uncertainty... 

and just feel free to just express how crazy, scary, uncertain, & bizarre this (zombie) apocalypse feels..


Add meaning in this bizarre new world...

for your life today, tomorrow, how you face the upcoming weeks, & long after the apocalypse is over... 

Feel more connected, calm & cool like a cat.

Or, if you're a dog person, then imagine how relaxed & loved your best friend is there...
Then feel a bit more like that.  🙂  

Image of girl with glasses in neon red and blue. Representing future of mental health, grief transformation, and technology.

Here's how you can book an online session:

Feel free to click the "Covid-19 Counselling FREE" session if you'd like a longer session right away. 

Alternatively, if time is tight and you'd just like to chat & touch base, feel free to select the "Virtual Coffee/Tea" option (also free, though you'll need to provide your own coffee or tea 🙂  )

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After you have booked...

Please look for a confirmation email from me with details about the online virtual meeting platform we will be using for our sessions along with a welcome email shortly thereafter.

If you have any issues with the booking system or if you really need to book a special time not available on the system, please email Nathan directly retro-style to arrange a session:  .

Looking forward to connecting with you!

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Digital Treatments in Therapy & Education

Let's see what digital interventions are making a difference in education, work & our daily lives...


Impact of Robots, Gaming, Smartphones

Let's explore the impact of artificial intelligence, virtual reality & video games on mental health...


Emerging Technology on Memory & Trauma

Let's learn how our pasts impact us across generations & what technology reveals for us...


About Dr. Nathan To

I'm dedicated to teaching life-long learners how to forge meaningful life paths after experiencing painful loss. In fact, I've invested 3 psychology degrees and dedicated nearly 10 years of life researching trauma, grief, and our human capacity for grit and resilience--not just how we survive our painful losses, but how we thrive, create, and transform our lives on a new path. If you're still curious about me and my story, feel free to read more about me on the CounterStory About page.

Nathan To, PhD
Certified Clinical Counsellor (CCC)
Consultant & Founder, The CounterStory Project

Quirky fun fact: Nathan named one of his cats after a Cantonese "dim sum" dish (shrimp dumpling).

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