Image of burning dandelion-for Stanza 1 of my poem "the Town with No Moon"

The Making of “The Town With No Moon” (Stanza 1)

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Image of burning dandelion-for Stanza 1 of my poem "the Town with No Moon"

The Town With No Moon


In a town without light
and endless winter night
lived a people ravaged in shame.
But I saw in her eyes,
drowned in obsidian dyes,
The reason why I came.


Whether through my better dreams, nightmares, or most unusual wishes, I often wake up these days caught between two very different worlds of inner experience.

It sounds a bit trippy, but the easiest way to describe it is, well, as if they are mirrors of each other. Think mirror worlds in Star Trek, or even a Multiverse in DC or Marvel comics/films.

By learning how to honour the experience of my grieving process while embracing the practice of gratitude, the practice of joy, and the practice of happiness, I’ve noticed that I’ve developed this unusual ability to see the deepest dark as much as (or even simultaneously) I can, too, see the Brightest Light.

On some weirder mornings or late evenings, when the soul is extra weary and my brain is a bit mushy, I see it as a sort of “liminal space”, perhaps a space of lucid dreams.

Such worlds, of course, can be understood best in the realm of Archetypes. And archetypes, as some of you may be well aware of, compose the many assortment of illogical and logical, meaningful and nonsensical, and bizarre and ordinary forms of our dreams and nightmares.

So, in an effort to spark my creativity even further, and start exploring my own archetypal patterns a bit more intentionally, I thought it’d be fun to write a bit of a story that is immersed in various themes or imagery that continue to prompt me towards deeper reflections.

To be honest, it’s been a long time since I’ve revisited poetry.

That’s when I started with the haiku. So, for the fun of it, I figured that I’d try to play around with some rhyme schemes.

So, that’s how I came up with this first stanza. More to come.


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