Grief, a Weird Reality: How to
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You're striving for feelings born from perfect days...


...But maybe your loss has shattered how you thought life would, could, or even should be.​​ 

​Whether you're grieving the death of a loved one, making sense of a divorce or breakup, frustrated about how your dreams turned out,

It gets really tough sometimes, no matter if it's been hours, days, months or years.

Perhaps the hardest part for you right now is...

  • feeling alone, empty and isolated
  • wishing more people knew how tough this really is
  • feeling like everything you've worked for comes to nothing
  • the sheer exhaustion of managing, understanding, and learning about grief
  • __[fill in the blank]___


While I cannot imagine how hard it's been for you in your unique pain and unique situation...

Trust me, friend, I get how intense grief can be from my own personal stories of grief.

Now I’ve developed some key beliefs along the way:

  • I believe it's okay to feel like it's not okay...

  • Not only can you create meaningful ways to survive the pain, but when/if you're ready, you have the power to create a profound life to thrive even when it still hurts

  • I believe humour with unicorns, unicorn cats & magic monkeys is exactly what we need sometimes through the darkest times...

Wherever you are in your journey, I'm glad you're here.

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About Dr. Nathan To

I'm dedicated to teaching life-long learners how to forge meaningful life paths after experiencing painful loss. In fact, I've invested 3 psychology degrees and dedicated nearly 10 years of life researching trauma, grief, and our human capacity for grit and resilience--not just how we survive our painful losses, but how we thrive, create, and transform our lives on a new path. If you're still curious about me and my story, feel free to read more about me on the CounterStory About page.

Nathan To, PhD
Certified Clinical Counsellor
Consultant & Founder, The CounterStory Project

Quirky fun fact: Nathan named one of his cats after a Cantonese "dim sum" dish (shrimp dumpling).

Image of Nathan To, Counselor, Psychologist for Counterstory Project

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