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Perhaps you’re already running a mission-driven organization, professional practice, or socially conscious business that advocates for mental health in some significant way.

If you could imagine your organization personified as an actual human being, you may want them to develop at least 3 helpful abilities: to communicate effectively, be self-reflective and empathic, and embrace their own self-care.

Similarly, if we're translating this into the language of work, we believe that a Mentally & Emotionally Thriving Organization develops at least 3 key competencies:

For example, you want to:

  • Stand Out and Dynamically Communicate Your Mission and Message (Effective Communication)
  • Effectively Support Your Vision and Evaluate Your Work with High Level Research (Reflection & Empathy)
  • Strengthen Your Workplace Culture (Self-Care).

We help you...

1. Stand Out With Your Message

...Powerfully and Authentically Communicate your Vision, Mission & Leadership with White Papers and Research.

  • Streamline Your Workload. We'll synthesize your stack of existing research into customized executive summaries, white papers, case studies, and research reviews--prepared for you.

  • Generate prospects or leads and nurture existing donors, clients for partnerships, collaborations. Build partnerships with stakeholders who share your vision--e.g. whether B2B, B2C, government, nonprofits or philanthropy.

  • Translate complex research data & concepts into words that readers can easily understand. Produce well-researched, high quality written content

2. Research

....Align the deeper purpose of your vision with the meaningful results you want to see:

  • Support your key decisions or proposals backed by actionable research insights. More effectively measure your outcomes, and pragmatically produce impact reports that support your mission.

  • Empathize and Understand Your Audience Better. We design robust and/or innovative research studies as part of a person-centred "cause marketing" strategy towards positive social change

  • Better align your Theory of Change (or Core Vision, Mission) with your inputs, outputs and key outcomes
    • E.g. improve your research design that more effectively evaluates program outcomes and impact measures.

3. Strengthen Your Workplace Culture

...Grow your organization by strengthening your team's Emotional Intelligence (EI) & Mental Fitness, and Intergenerational Relationships" 

  • Learn, Develop, & Deepen Skills in Mental Fitness, Emotional Intelligence (EI), and the Intergenerational workplace. Make work more enjoyable while growing your organization or business.
  • Discover best-practices and policies for improved mental health accommodations and research-backed strategies for workplace wellbeing with our advising, research, and report services.
  • Enhance your Leadership by aligning your team's "soft skills" (e.g. emotional intelligence) and "hard skills" (e.g. program delivery, daily tasks & administration)'

Learn More:

Whether you're in dialogue with various stakeholders or partners, team members, raising funding, or evaluating program outcomes--you're in the right place.

Feel free to let us know how we can best help your organization thrive and ally with you.

The best way to reach out is by emailing nathan@thecounterstory.com 

Looking forward to chatting with you.





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